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Long Loop Paper Bead Necklace


An elegant paper necklace, handmade by Rahab and her friends in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Product Description

Coral, navy, and gray paper beads loop for an elegant, Africa-inspired double loop necklace. These bright, detailed beads are handmade from paper by a small business in a Nairobi, Kenya slum called Rahab’s Paper Beads. After developing her skills for several years within the walls of Amani, it became clear that Rahab was skilled and creative. With a loan from Amani ya Juu, she had enough to start her own business making paper beads. Today, she employs several of her neighbors in the informal settlement where she lives—mostly young single moms who are at risk of turning to prostitution. All of Rahab’s Paper Beads are made of recycled paper.

Longer loop hangs approx 20″ long. Two loops, metal clasp at neck.


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