Chattanooga: Our Story

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Amani Chattanooga, a fair trade warehouse in Chattanooga, Tennessee that serves as a US headquarters for Amani products.

Amani Chattanooga houses the Amani US Warehouse and is specifically dedicated to coordinating Amani’s Volunteer Sale Program and managing Amani’s Online Shop. In addition to overseeing these practical operations, Amani Chattanooga hopes to be a place that engages its local community with Amani’s message of peace.

Established in mid 2012, Amani Chattanooga was born out the growth of Amani’s presence in the United States and the desire to extend God’s peace in a new place. The US Warehouse was housed at Amani DC beginning in 2009, and in early 2012, it became apparent that a new space was needed to better serve as a distribution center. Just as the need became apparent, so did the provision to meet it. God has opened wide the doors for another US home for Amani in Chattanooga.

Soon after this decision, a team began emerging in Chattanooga and stumbled upon a building that could house the new center. Chattanooga is a natural fit for an Amani center. It’s the hometown of our founder, Becky Chinchen. Many in this city have walked with Amani since its beginning, supporting the work of God’s peace by hosting sales, sending short-term teams to the Africa centers, and investing in Amani through donations. With this move, Amani returned home to a community that has nurtured it since its beginning.

As with every Amani center, Amani Chattanooga has its own identity, yet remains committed to Amani’s holistic mission. Amani is working to reinvest in the community, drawing in Chattanoogans through training, volunteer service, mission trips, and creative product design.

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Huguette and Molly

Ultimately, Amani Chattanooga seeks to be a place where customers, employees, neighbors, and volunteers will find value, worth, forgiveness, and healing because of Christ’s peace, peace from above.