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AmaniDC African Boutique

Established in early 2009, the Amani ya Juu boutique located in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of northwest Washington, DC is called AmaniDC. This was Amani’s first center established in the United States, bringing the Amani products, mission, and ethos to the DC through a neighborhood retail boutique.

AmaniDC is a sister center in the Amani family. It was brought to life by women from the DC area who had seen the transformation happening at Amani centers in Africa. They were moved by two things. First, the desire to work in partnership with Amani’s Africa centers and help create another market for their products in the US. And second, they felt strongly that Christ’s transcendent peace needed to be extended to everyone. They wanted foster a community in DC like the ones they had experienced in Africa.

AmaniDC was originally founded to serve as the main Amani US office and warehouse. The AmaniDC retail shop grew naturally out of this center. The office and warehouse functions transitioned to Amani Chattanooga in mid 2012. With this transition, AmaniDC could focus exclusively on growing its retail operations and engaging the local community with Amani’s story of peace.

As an Amani center, AmaniDC’s goal is to be a self-supporting operation with the mission to support the Amani family and reach out to our neighbors. This location seeks to replicate the culture of Amani’s Africa centers through hospitality, outreach, and working together in unity.

Be sure to check out the AmaniDC blog for more info: amanidc.org