DC Support

Amani DC is a self-sustaining operation with the mission to support the Amani family and reach out to our neighbors. The primary focus of the DC center is a boutique through which the local community learns about Amani’s culture and products. This location seeks to replicate the culture of Amani’s Africa centers through hospitality, outreach, and working together in unity.

US Center Volunteers and Donations
Amani’s US centers rely on relatively small staffs to manage operations and always welcome volunteers who can support this work by sharing their time and skills. Sharing Amani’s vision of peace is one of the things the women at our Africa centers do best, and our US staff carries on that legacy of extending peace in our local communities. Regular, committed volunteers who give of their time to help in our shops or assist in the Amani US Warehouse. We know not everyone has time to regularly volunteer at Amani, so we always have special tasks ready for people who are not trained in our shop or warehouse procedures. Groups of volunteers also make big projects and special events possible.

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To find out about volunteering, contact AmaniDC directly by calling 202.536.5303 or by sending a message to shopdc@amaniafrica.org.