How we use donations

How does a self-sustaining non-profit use donations?

At the center of Amani is an enterprise to stitch and sell products that are beautiful, functional, and distinctive. Self-sustainability has set Amani apart since its early days. This core value continues to maintain Amani’s mission today. As a not-for-profit, Amani seeks to drive all growth back into the mission of the organization. Our pricing model guarantees that trainees are paid well and operating expenses are covered, while also ensuring that products sell and Amani can continue providing work for more women.Amani reaches out beyond creating and selling beautiful products as an expression of its holistic vision for transformation. Donations to Amani are used for two areas that would not otherwise be supported by our approach. See donation options here.

Whether it’s through camp programs for children and youth, scholarship support for women returning to school, emergency assistance during unexpected crisis, or startup costs for a new area of growth, donations give Amani a greater impact. And donations often support infrastructure development, such as a new workspace or supplies to start a cafe, but are always seen as bridges that bring us to the next phase. All donations are paired with sacrifices from within the Amani family to help reach the goal, such as an administrator who takes time to put together a lesson for children’s camp.

The generosity of so many friends are the extra hands that make it possible for Amani to live out its vision to make God’s peace known globally.

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