What is the shipping time for purchases in the online shop?
Orders should arrive within 7-8 days (or about 5 business days) of purchase. We are unable to expedite orders.
How much will shipping be for my order?
Orders between $75 and $250 ship free! Though shipping is expensive, we are happy to provide free shipping when we are blessed by large orders. Sadly, at around $250, things get pricey to ship free, so we have to start charging again. Orders under $75 cost will include an $8 shipping cost. Please visit the Shipping page for this information.
I’m having technical problems during Checkout. What should I do?
Please contact Customer Service at 423.531.6496 or through our Contact Us page.
What is the Return & Exchange Policy for online purchases?
If you are unsatisfied with your Amani purchase, we will happily accept your returned item in exchange for store credit. Because the Amani project is small, and women rely on each sale to support their families, we do not offer cash refunds for returns.To exchange purchased items for a different item, customers may return products in good condition and then pay the difference between the two items plus the cost of shipping.We allow 30 days after the order has been received for you to notify us of any returns or exchanges. Once you have received confirmation from us, simply mail the product to:
Amani Chattanooga
511 S. Hawthorne St. #3302
Chattanooga, TN 37404
Your store credit will be available once we receive the item. To make a new purchase using your store credit, please call at 423.531.6496.
My order is not correct. What should I do?
We check our packages carefully, but we do make mistakes from time to time. We will be happy to correct your order. To remedy the situations, contact us at 423.531.6496 or through the Customer Service option on our Contact Us page.
What is the Replacement Warranty Policy on Amani products?
Since our products are handmade by women in Africa, our US location cannot do repairs. There is a 90-day Replacement Warranty from the date of purchase for defective products. For concerns with defective products, please contact us at 423.531.6496 or through the Customer Service option on our Contact Us page.
I have seen some other Amani products, but they’re not in your online shop. How can I find out about the availability of other products?
Our online shop has the most up-to-date selection of available products. But for special questions about particular products, contact our US Warehouse at 423.531.6496 or through the Customer Service option on our Contact Us page.
Can I buy Amani products as a wholesale buyer?
Yes! If you want to buy wholesale from us please se the wholesale page for more info. We do not purchase wholesale from other vendors.
How does Amani use the income from product sales to ensure support of the women in Africa?
When an Amani product is purchased through the online shop, Amani boutique, or a volunteer gathering in the US, Amani’s US office transfers 100% of the production cost back to the center where it was produced in keeping with our Beyond Fair Trade policy. A percentage of the income pays for overhead costs such as shipping, customs, handling, and communications, making Amani a self-sustaining organization. Donations are used to support growth and supplemental programming, as described on this page.