Liberia Support

As the Amani Liberia center continues to grow, its commitment to holistic ministry has led to pursuing peace in unique and creative ways. While daily operations and training are paid for through the sale of Amani products, donations are used to further growth and support a variety of outreach programs that have emerged as ways to share peace with women and their families.

Support for Amani Liberia

With the foundation of the Liberia center, Amani has come full circle. Amani began when its founder Becky Chinchen fled with her family as refugees from the Liberian civil war. Out of this experience was born the Amani ya Juu of Kenya, which later grew to centers throughout East Africa and beyond. Today, peace has returned and hope is emerging in Liberia. Your gift supports the continued development of the Amani Liberia center.
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Amani Liberia Girls Club

In Liberia young girls find overwhelming pressures to not finish primary school, including responsibilities at home and from a lack of support from their families. Leaving school early makes girls more likely to become pregnant at an early age and enter high-risk jobs, like prostitution. In order to support these young women, Amani Liberia established the Amani Girls Club of Liberia. Studies suggest that if a girl makes it past the sixth grade, she has a higher chance of graduating from high school. The Amani Girls Club’s goal is to teach self-worth to young girls in Yekepa. The hope is for girls to learn the importance of education, so that they become self-motivated and set their sights high. The Girls Club works with over 150 girls ages 8 to 13 who attend weekly meetings. With a curriculum designed by an art therapist, a team of Liberian college students — selected for their potential as positive, confident role models — facilitates the Club.
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Sewing Machines

Stitching is at the heart of Amani’s work. New sewing machines are essential for women new to Amani or working at the younger Amani centers. Donations to sewing machines are used to assist women in purchasing their own sewing machines, which enables them to work at home while caring for their families. Consider giving to this fund and extending a practical support to these women.
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