Over the years, Amani’s commitment to holistic ministry has led to pursuing peace in unique and creative ways. A variety of outreach programs have emerged for sharing peace with women and their families.

Watoto Burundi Children’s Camp
Three times a year, production at the Amani Kenya, Amahoro Burundi’s sister center, shuts down and the focus shifts to the children of the trainees. The event is a day camp called Amani Watoto, “Children of Peace” in Swahili.The children celebrate peace and forgiveness through games, crafts, and stories. Though they come from different ethnic groups, they learn to accept each other and play together regardless of differences.The camp is run by Amani ya Juu mothers contributing their unique skills of teaching, organizing, and cooking. Goreth, now the Burundi Country Director, took part in Amani Watoto in Kenya as a refugee from Burundi. As a country, Burundi has seen an incredible amount of violence. Goreth feels the key to the future of the country is children of peace. Goreth is asking that you help bring Amani Watoto to Burundi. Donations made to Watoto Burundi will go to teaching materials, crafts, & hot lunches.
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Amani Emergency Fund
Many Amani women live on the edge of survival. Gifts to the Emergency Fund provide support for basic needs when individuals are faced with unexpected crisis. Gifts in the past have been used for food distribution during post-election violence in Kenya, traumatic loss in a family, medical expenses for extreme illnesses, and emergency home relocation due to physical danger. A gift today can help provide for a day in the future when the women of Amani face uncertainty and loss.
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Amani Liberia Girls Club
The Amani Girls Club breaks the destructive cycle which hinders a Liberian girl and her success in life. The Amani Girls Club, an initiative of Amani Liberia, is a weekly after school program in Yekepa, Liberia that aims to encourage school girls ages 8-11 to stay in school.
Many young girls in Liberia face pressure to engage in prostitution or enter into early marriage to support their families financially. This means many girls drop out of school before 6th grade with little chance of ever completing their education.The Amani Girls Club strives to keep girls in school by providing a safe place where they can learn life skills. Mentors lead them in discussions and activities that build self worth, draw out their God given talents, and fill them with confidence and optimism about their futures.Keep a girl in school by purchasing an Amani School Doll.Each doll purchased will be given to one of the 85 girls in the Amani Girls Club. She will also receive the name of the friend (you, the donor) who believes she can defy the odds to pursue her education.
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Amani Chattanooga Development

Amani Sewing Machines
Stitching is at the heart of Amani’s work. New sewing machines are essential for women new to Amani or working at the younger Amani centers. Donations to sewing machines are used to assist women in purchasing their own sewing machines, which enables them to work at home while caring for their families. Consider giving to this fund and extending a practical support to these women.
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Amani Uganda Development
Amani Uganda was planted by a Simprosa, long-time member of the Amani ya Juu family in Kenya who returned home to northern Uganda to pass peace to the war-torn region. The women of Amani Uganda are trained and mentored by women from Amani Nairobi. Your gift may also be used to provide the start up capital needed to get the Uganda center the resources it needs to become self-sustaining and assists women traveling between the centers for training.
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Amani Liberia Development
With the foundation of the Liberia center, Amani has come full circle. Amani began when its founder Becky Chinchen fled with her family as refugees from the Liberian civil war. Out of this experience was born the Amani ya Juu of Kenya, which later grew to centers throughout East Africa and beyond. Today, peace has returned and hope is emerging in Liberia. Your gift supports the continued development of the Amani Liberia center.
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Amani is establishing a center in Chattanooga, TN to serve as a US distribution center for all of Amani’s Africa centers. Amani has been able to purchase a building and begin the renovation process through an investment of some of its own savings and a generous donations of capital and labor from the local community. The building was in foreclosure is in need of transformation. Your partnership will help prepare the building for its functional purposes and its ultimate purpose to be place that shares peace with the people of Chattanooga.
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Amani DC Job Skills Training Program
The DC shop is beginning to extend its reach to the Amani model by creating and funding local sewing and job skills training programs for marginalized women in the NW neighborhood of DC. This center is also looking for funding to create sales associate training opportunities in the shop for local DC area high school age girls for whom retail skills could have long-term benefits.
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Amani Scholarship Program
This fund extends the opportunity for education. Elizabeth Sumwabe was a Liberian woman whose strength and determination has left a powerful legacy at Amani ya Juu. The Elizabeth Sumwabe Scholarship Fund is a special education support initiative established to honor Elizabeth’s life and courage. A university education is an important step for developing young African leaders. Many young women at Amani are unable to attend a local university without financial assistance. Scholarships are given to women who live with integrity, persevere in the face of adversity, give selflessly of themselves, and are driven by their faith in God. Women who have received the scholarship and completed a university program are now serving at Amani and around the world. By contributing to the Elizabeth Sumwabe Scholarship Fund, you are investing not only in one young woman, but also in the communities she will go on to impact for decades to come.
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