Shipping is based on the total value of items in your cart, according to the chart below. There is no shipping charge for donations. Orders over $75 ship free until they reach $250! Orders should arrive within 7-8 days (or about 5 business days) of purchase. We are unable to expedite orders.

International Orders

At this time, we only ship products to the United States.


Amani tries to conserve resources so we can prioritize our mission. This means we will re-use packing materials for your online order whenever possible. If you are the recipient of a creatively packaged online order, know that it is part of the effort to keep Amani self-sustainable. We also eagerly accept donations of shipping materials. Small boxes, envelopes, tape, and packing material (no peanuts please!) can be delivered to 420 S. Willow St. Chattanooga, TN 37404. If you need to drop off after hours, you can leave boxes, gift bags, shopping bags and other packing materials in the driveway. Please call ahead if possible at 423.531.6496.


Order Total Shipping
up to $75 $8
$75-249 $0 *
Over $250 $15
Over $500 $30
Over $800 $40

*Though shipping is expensive, we are happy to provide free shipping when we are blessed by large orders. Sadly, at around $250, things get pricey to ship free, so we have to start charging again.