Uganda Support

As the Amani Uganda center continues to be established in the city of Gulu, donations are an important part of equipping the center for long-term sustainability. In time, and with the resources they need, daily operations and training will be paid for through the sale of Amani products. In the future, Amani Uganda hopes to use donations to support outreach programs that will emerge as ways to share peace with women and their families.

Development of the Uganda Center

Amani Uganda was planted by a Simprosa, long-time member of the Amani ya Juu family in Kenya who returned home to northern Uganda to pass peace to the war-torn region. The women of Amani Uganda are trained and mentored by women from Amani Nairobi. Your gift may also be used to provide the start up capital needed to get the Uganda center the resources it needs to become self-sustaining and assists women traveling between the centers for training.
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Sewing Machines

Stitching is at the heart of Amani’s work. New sewing machines are essential for women new to Amani or working at the younger Amani centers. Donations to sewing machines are used to assist women in purchasing their own sewing machines, which enables them to work at home while caring for their families. Consider giving to this fund and extending a practical support to these women.
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