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Party Resources

Learn more about volunteering to host a box party here.


Before your Box Party

Volunteer Agreement
An agreement to fill out before hosting your party.

Amani & You

FAQ about your party.

An invitation to print off and send to guests before your party.



Kenyan Chai Recipe
Amani Kenya’s cafe serves a very popular version of Kenyan Chai Tea.

A delicious small fried turnover filled with seasoned vegetables and/or meat.

Peanut Soup
A combination of tomatoes, onion, and peanut butter that make for a surprisingly wonderful, off-beat soup.


Photos & Handouts

Women dancing at Amani ya Juu
Theresa and Favor

Amani ya Juu Handout
A postcard-sized handout to give your guests at your Gathering

Fair Trade Federation Handout
Information on our Fair Trade Federation membership




Meet Lucy
A video about Amani to show your guests during your gathering.



We recommend heading to Pandora.com for free music. “African Station” is a good start!


After your Box Party

Amani Ya Juu

Volunteer Wrap Up Info
Information for after your party.

Returned Inventory Form
A form to fill out before you send back unsold product.

Did we miss something? Want to add your own tips from a previous Amani Gathering? Comment below!

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